Cornerstone medical Center opened in August 2016 with a generous donation from Cornerstone Church- Alabama; the clinic now serves Africa Renewal University and the community of Buloba. 

After closure of the only government health facility in the area, hindered access to care for the poor led to high mortality and Morbidity rates in Buloba.

A community survey revealed access to care as the number one need for the community and a regulatory requirement for the University. This clinic is envisioned to grow and serve as the on-site health sciences training hub for Africa Renewal University.(+256)754 955 483




Serving the community of Nabitaka – Mukono District was opened in June 2008 to offer health care to Africa Renewal Ministries. Bethany Village which includes the Orphanage, School and Child Development Program. Bethany Clinic serves a small community with limited care options, It is run by a single staff nurse who coordinates with Wentz Medical Center for outreach, rest days and other support.
Bethany Clinic was started up by a mission team from Mississippi USA, it has been sustained by Bethany Village budget support and by keeping it as a one staff facility supported by Bethany Village management. This clinic has huge potential to impact the greater Kyagwe area.(+256)
703 999220 )




This clinic is located in the cross roads of the rural township of Kanyogoga, it began to break even on core expenses in its 1st year of operations. Opened in August 2016, this clinic was a response to heart breaks that happened at medical camps in the village of Kacungwa where Children died during medical camps every year.

This clinic serves an area with about 10 villages and has a 1.5-acre property secured for its future growth. Recently incorporated as Suubi Mu Yesu Hospital, it was constructed and has a basic care support fund from Canby Christian Church of Oregon.




Pader sick bay is located in Oloki lee village, pader Town council-pader district, opened in June 2022 to offer health care to pader community nursery and primary school and Child Development program. Due to inadequate healthcare in Pader Town, the sickbay serves the community of Pader especially the Town council, It is run by a nurse and lab assistant who is volunteering as of now, Pader sick bay coordinates with Wentz Medical Center for outreach and other support. Pader sick bay was started by Africa Renewal Ministries, it has been self sustained and overseen by Pader community church. This clinic has the potential to impact the community of pader.  (+256) 703 999220 )




Was opened in January 2011 to serve the community of Muleete. The clinic was constructed following generous donations from Dr John Gilliland, the Johnny Karl’s family and Africa Renewal Ministries. Muleete Clinic has no sustaining partners and is run by two nurses at a very basic level. The ARM mission team 2011 found a desperate community with very high infant mortality.  Malaria related fatalities were alarming. The clinic staff run the House to House Stop Malaria project in 2012 that significantly reduced malaria burden in this community. Additional clean water and immunizations interventions have also tamed the infant mortality.   (+256) 703 999220)



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In 2022, the ExpandHope Campaign was launched with a lead gift of $1,000,000 and a matching gift of another $1,000,000 towards the construction of a $4,500,000 expansion that would transform Wentz Medical Center into a community hospital. We invite you to support this great cause as we fundraise for our total goal 

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