Inspiring Health Workers

We are a movement of ordinary people seeking to be a community disciples of  Christ  inspiring one another to Lift up the name of Jesus through whole person healthcare.

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Key Programs

RH Medical Missions & Camps

Every year our medical camps bring care to communities. They are also a gospel opportunity, a healing opportunity, and professional treatment is served. 

Continuing Medical Education

Continuing Medical Education is the process by which family physicians and other health professional engage in activities designed to support their continuing professional development.  

Wholesome Personal Care

This sensitization is designed for medics who are drawn to practice in a different way – medics who value whole-person care and know that the essence of nursing practice is truly caring and healing. 

Leadership Development Program

Our leadership development program is an official commitment to help medical personnel not only to grow  their skill sets but also help them grow and develop into leaders.  


Partner With Us 

In 2022, the ExpandHope Campaign was launched with a lead gift of $1,000,000 and a matching gift of another $1,000,000 towards the construction of a $4,500,000 expansion that would transform Wentz Medical Center into a community hospital. We invite you to support this great cause as we fundraise for our total goal 

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