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Cornerstone Medical Center  

Cornerstone Medical Center is a private-not-for-profit health facility that started  at the Campus of Africa Renewal University Buloba, Wakiso District. CMS was established in 2016 in partnership with Cornerstone Church, Auburn, Alabama.

Cornerstone Medical Center (CMC) traces its history to Wentz Medical Center.  Design plans to develop Cornerstone Medical center into AFRU Medical School, research and Specialty Hospital

Started as a response to the Community in Africa Renewal University. Cornerstone Medical Center  has outgrown it's facility, we are expanding it into AFRU Medical School, research and Specialty Hospital

A Team of Medical  Professionals

 The facility is headed by a Medical Director with a capacity of over 15 Staff. It is licensed by the Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council to provide medical care services to patients in Uganda. CMC is part of a healthcare system called the Renewal Healthcare Network .

Renewal Health care (RHN) is an emerging leading healthcare system touching lives and renewing communities around Africa through establishing medical facilities, medical mission programs, and a Grant Coordination Unit in Uganda.

Future  Vision

The hospital intends to grow and become Comprehensive, big on OPD services, strong on diagnostics and surgical services by introducing state of the art diagnostic equipment in Laboratory and radiology with construction of a new facility block and a customized billing package which can accommodate also the urban poor to access quality medical services.


To be a model of excellence in Christian medical witness.


‘‘We empower individuals and communities to attain and sustain a higher quality of life through holistic healthcare inspired by the Love of Christ ’’

Our Mission




Open 24/7

 We are open 24 hours every day, throughout the year. 24-hour in-patient and Outpatient general practice by our team  

Specialist Services



Internal Medicine


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Main Services of CMC

24 Hour service General Practice

In partnership with the MOH, IDI, UPMB,UCMB we provide Antiretroviral Therapy and care Mgt including labs and family support, counseling and Free HIV testing in Outreaches.

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 Laboratory Services

Our theatre provides General Surgery and Obstetric services with General Surgeons and an Obstetrician/ Gynecologists on staff. Anesthesia; both general and local is available.

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Antenatal Care

Our Lab is exceptional in quality and integrity of services. This includes Haematology, Chemistry  plus microbiology tests and a wide range of Tests. 

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Family Planning

We provide tailor made screening, general check -up, Health Education services for companies, schools and neighborhood communities. Our Outreach team provides long term engagement opportunities to ensure healthy lifestyles and care packages.

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Cornerstone Medical Missions

Averaging over 10,000 free treatments annually, our medical missions program continues to thrive, bringing care and empowering local and international teams and individuals to give through medical care. Medical camps attract medical and non-medical people serving together Medical Missions also include linking highly specialized individuals to hospitals in Uganda where their skills can be utilized.  

Kusinza Diana, Incharge CMC

Our Dedicated 

Medical Team

Kusinza Diana is a medical specialist. She has Specialist Training in Medicine(Makerere University). She has vast experience in laboratory management and has been at CMC for 5 years.  

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